Boiler Specialists

We specialise in providing our customers with professional boiler maintenance, repair and replacement services...

Boiler Specialists

For all your boiler needs, Southern Gas Care work across Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Whatever the age or type of your boiler, Southern Gas Care can help. When you call us you get professional maintenance, repair or installation of your boiler from Gas Safe registered experts.

All of our boiler specialists are fully trained to carry out all of the services we offer and are Gas Safe Registered. We are also members of meaning you can use our services with confidence.

Repairs and Maintenance

If your boiler fails or you want to ensure it’s running smoothly, Southern Gas Care are the team to call. Our experts can give you the professional expertise you need to ensure your boiler is keeping you safe and warm in your home.

Boiler maintenance is extremely important to maintaining a properly functioning heating system and can also greatly extend the operational lifespan of your boiler saving you money in the long run.

All of our boiler repairs are carried out by trained, Gas Safe Registered professionals who keep safety as a top priority. It is important that any malfunctioning boilers are dealt with as soon as possible by a professional. We will ensure any repairs are carried out to the very highest standards, keeping you and your home safe.

New Boilers

At Southern Gas Care we can help you with the installation of your new boiler. Whether you choose a standard gas or combi boiler, we can ensure it is professionally installed and running perfectly.

We will provide you with professional advice and guide you through the whole process from choosing your new boiler to the final installation. We will always quote all work as fairly as possible and keep you informed every step of the way.


Southern Gas Care can provide you with a thorough safety check of your property’s boiler, ensuring it is all safe and in good working order for your tenants.

We are a trusted company and members of and all of our technicians are Gas Safe Registered.

To find out more about our specialist boiler services for the Southampton area, contact Southern Gas Care today.